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Sexual Assault Services: Brainerd, Minnesota

Supports Victims of Sexual Violence

Sexual Assault Services (SAS) is a grassroots nonprofit 501 (c) organization that serves as a resource for individuals and establishments. Our mission is to bring hope, healing and empowerment to those affected by sexual abuse and exploitation. We provide a high standard of victim centered, trauma informed, and culturally proficient care. All of our services are available to anyone who contacts us. They are confidential, free of charge, specific, appropriate, physically and culturally accessible and driven by the needs of the individuals impacted by sexual violence. In all situations, the victim’s decisions are respected and we inspire healing and empowerment throughout their journey.

Providing victim centered, trauma informed services including:

  • 24-hour sexual assault crisis intervention and support services

  • Accompaniment for forensic collection/rape kit

  • Trauma informed crisis counseling services

  • Assistance within the criminal justice and civil court systems

  • Injunctions for protection (HRO and OFP)

  • Assistance with victim compensation claims

  • Gender and age specific support groups

  • Professional and community educational trainings

  • Information and referrals

Sexual Assault Advocates: What they can do for you

  • Sexual Assault Advocates can help survivors of sexual assault, along with family and friends, who are seeking support after experiencing sexual assault.

  • Learn about the different types of advocacy: 

    • What it means to be an advocate

    • Areas advocates are qualified to provide assistance 

    • How an advocate can maximize your recovery efforts following a sexual assault

Service Area

Sexual Assault Services is located in Brainerd, Minnesota serving Crow Wing County and surrounding areas as needed.​

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